Team PnL

I published an article on team PnLs and the distribution of responsibility for business outcomes among team leaders — not only for commercial but also for the company’s service departments. In my book “The Role of CFO”, which English edition is being prepared now, I devote a key place to motivation and goal-setting. In this

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Interviews and presentations

From time to time I speak at various professional events, talking about financial management in companies, about motivation and development. Some speeches are available in video format online. For your convenience, I have collected several videos within a channel on YouTube. So far, these videos are available: Interview for the Action.Students project about self-development

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Personal OKR

The article on focusing and setting efficient personal OKRs appeared on vc. In my book “The Role of CFO” (or “Professia finansist” in Russian edition) there was not quite much attention to setting personal goals (the book aims for corporate management more than personal efficiency), however many ideas mentioned through the book appear in more

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The Next 100 Years

George Friedman “The Next 100 Years” – it is already 15 years since the book published, I have read it by recommendation upon publishing of my review on “The Power of Geography” of Tim Marshall. The author is analyzing the geopolitics and speculative forecasts of countries’ futures within the 21st century. The book offers a speculative

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The Role of Meetings

Many leaders, both novice and experienced, do not hold meetings with their subordinates. Of course, they do meet, in the corridor or at team meetings, but not regularly one-on-one. Unfortunately, the role of individual meetings is often greatly underestimated in classical companies of the 20th century. This is true not only for the CIS countries,

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CFO Tasks

As long-time readers of my blog already know, I believe that in any activity, one must start by defining the ultimate goal or goals. Determine what things are being done for. Not why it is being done, but why it is being done. In the CFO’s activities, I would identify several main tasks-directions of “why”:

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Company Finance 2.0

The recordings from the “Company Finance 2.0” conference are now available. The general link to all the recordings and presentations is here: The link to my presentation: I wish everyone successful OKR implementations and more. Good luck!

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Two views of Steven Pinker

Today I would like to recommend two books at once by the Canadian scientist specialising in evolutionary psychology and the role of speech in the development of mind and consciousness, populariser of science Steven Pinker: “Enlightenment Continues: In Defence of Reason, Science, Enlightenment and Progress” and “A Clean Slate.” “Enlightenment” takes an unusually positive view

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